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 eXtr3m3's Must Have Apps

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PostSubject: eXtr3m3's Must Have Apps   Wed Apr 13, 2011 6:36 am

So you have homebrew, well what now?
Here are a list of the top apps that I think you should have.
*Please note this is not a tutorial section if you wish to discuss how to use each app please post in the discussion section*

So you wondered how these guys make all those hack codes, well this is it. No need for a USB gecko - just use this handy app Gecko OS.

Or maybe you don't want to make your own codes, well thats Ok, there's lazy and really lazy. You can use this really lazy app to download the relevant codes for your game - saves you the trouble of even removing your SD card to plug into the computer and add them manually, Accio Hacks ( and Code Downloader (WiiRD Database).

Maybe your too cool for codes and want to move on to bigger and better, ISO modding. Well than this is your app Riivolution. It can inject all that modding you've done into the game and so you if you do use a bad hack you can simply turn it off and you will be fine.

If you ever want to play movies on your wii you should use one of the following apps, WiiMC or MPlayer (I chose the CE version). I prefer WiiMC but have been having troubles with it and have had to move to MPlayer CE. Though its appearence doesn't look as good it is still definitely a very good app, it just took a little getting used to.

There are many apps out there, but for me these are the key few that I have. Please feel free to make suggestions to the list and what apps do you have on your HBC?
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eXtr3m3's Must Have Apps
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